Dumplin’ is a movie that appeared on Netflix only a couple of days ago. It revolves about a girl called Willowdean (or Will for short) who experiences fat shaming often. She only felt comfortable in her own skin when her late auntie was alive. After Will’s auntie died, she starts caring about how she looks, […]

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Cam is a movie that has been recently added to Netflix. It’s about a girl who shares live streams online. When her account gets hacked and taken over by a lookalike, she does a lot to try to get it back. For the first twenty minutes or so of this movie, I was wondering why […]

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No, this isn’t another post about The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. This is about a movie named Sabrina that came out on Netflix earlier this year. Sabrina is about a doll of the same name that was given to a girl called Venya by her uncle who runs a doll manufacturing company. The longer Venya […]

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Death Note (Movie)

If you’re into anime, the name of this movie will ring a bell. This movie arrived on Netflix last year but I only got around to watching it now. I’ve seen the anime before and I’ve enjoyed it but this is a different story. It’s definitely a disappointment. When I was younger, I was a […]

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Gnome Alone

This is a movie that appeared on Netflix a few weeks ago. You can probably tell by the title of the movie and by the other gnome movies that this is a parody of the Home Alone movies. Before I watched Gnome Alone, I thought it was going to be set around Christmas. But it […]

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Don’t Watch This

Why do all the creepy shows end up in my recommendations? Don’t Watch This is a series made up of short films. Since each episode is different, I’m going to talk about each one individually. Friendship Bracelets This episode is about a girl named Julie. She doesn’t have any friends and when she invites everyone […]

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This is one of those series that’s on that side of the internet. Somehow, I found this on Netflix and I decided to watch. It’s about this girl called Ayumi. At the beginning of the series, she’s just getting on with her life when she gets a call from an unknown number. While on the […]

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